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If we had a dollar for every time a client sent us their "artwork" hand drawn on a napkin, we could probably go buy you a happy meal.  But, if we're talking the number of times we've saved our clients from grievous graphical fauxpas, then we're picking up that fast food in a Lamborghini.


For 14 years, Namify Creative has been turning "What's that?" into "Holy crap, Batman, that is cool!"   What started behind the creative genius of our lead designer, Joe Brown, has now grown into a respected and disruptive powerhouse of design professionals, with over 50 years of Graphic Design experience.


Our philosophy ...


There are all sorts of messages you can send with your artwork, but for the love of Pete, please don't let "clueless" be that message.  We are your anti-clueless specialists, ready to poke your target audience in the eye, and yet magically leave them yearning for a second look.



About Us

We offer many services to our customers and if you are wondering about something, don't be afraid to ask us!



regular hourly rate design services 
all things graphic design related, illustrations, photo manipulations, video creation
and editing, product photography, etc.


logo design package deal
includes consultation, concept design, revisions and final



business package*
includes business cards, letterhead, envelope, social media avatar

*$200 for a standard 3 fold brochure design; other additions are available at cost




hourly rate web design or web per page*
includes design, construction, upkeep
*does not include SEO, hosting, or domain


Note: Each design project is unique; a customized quote will be provided.

We were down to the wire on a design deadline with no time and only the vaguest idea how to create a professional looking logo. Namify Creative whipped it out in what seemed like one breath and lifted the stress off my shoulders. Thank you so much.

Lance Romo
The City of Bellingham

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It's fun to stay at the CMYK.


Joe grew up in a small town in rural North Carolina in a haunted farmhouse built in 1880. The second of five children, Joe was considered the black sheep of his family. His strange hair and clothing and his inappropriate sense of humor eventually found a place in the art and theatre communities. This led Joe to pursue a theatre degree at Ricks College where he met his lovely wife, Charlotte.

Joe worked in television and film as a set dresser for a few years before returning to school to get his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. Joe spent 6 years in the Print Industry before coming to Namify almost 7 years ago. Joe and Charlotte live in Orem with their 4 children – Miles (14), Simon (11), Mila (9), and Greyson (5). Joe loves watching TV, sleeping, anything Day of Dead or Frida Kahlo, and above all, Disneyland. Joe hates sports, rice pudding, politics, and animals – especially dogs. He would gladly eat dog food if it meant that somewhere a dog would go hungry.

Stephanie Flores SENIOR DESIGNER

Stephanie was born in Pinesdale, Montana into a family of 19 (that's 9 brothers and 9 sisters, folks!). Growing up, she always wanted a huge family like her parents, but quickly changed her mind soon after having her first. She met her husband, Rick, in a graphic design class in high school and together they have three kids, Bohdi, Kaja, and Kobain.


Stephanie was the first of her siblings to graduate high school and went on to  earn a BFA in Graphic Design from Southern Utah University in 2007 and an MFA in Graphic Design from Indiana University, Bloomington in 2011.


In addition to creating awesome designs here at Namify Creative, Stephanie also teaches graphic design college courses online for the Art Institutes of Pittsburgh (so you know she knows what's she talking about).


In her spare time, Stephanie likes to teach her children the finer art of trespassing through exploring abandoned buildings, of which her husband is convinced are haunted.

John Coltharp DEVELOPER

John is a self-proclaimed conspiracy truthist.

Not a lot else is known about him except he's also  a Software Developer, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, our Prepress Manager and Image Digitizer.


He is an awkward and controversial person.


Kara Wilbur DESIGNER

Kara does not enjoy harassing her tenants as an RA for her apartment complex nor does she appreciate late rent. Most often one can find Kara attending the theater with her husband.


Kara earned a BFA in Graphic Design from Stevens Henegar College in October, 2014.


Shawn was born and raised in Davis County, Utah. He graduated from Utah State University with his Bachelors of Fine Art in Printmaking and Photography. After graduating, he spent his time getting married to his wife, Camille, and managing a photo lab. He then arrived at Namify in April of 2014.


Shawn loves watching TV/movies, camping, playing video games, and most sports. When he grows up, Shawn wants to be a marginally more wealthy version of himself.



Lachoneus Bendell DESIGNER

Lachoneus was born in Stockton California, then moved to Arizona but grew up in Utah, graduating from Spanish Fork High School in 2008.  He loves to be outside camping, mountain biking, playing softball, or, by far, snowboarding.  Lachoneus was married in 2012 at the Timpanogos Temple in Utah and loves life.

Lachoneus is studying for a BFA in Art Visual Communications with a focus in Graphic Design and will graduate in 2016.  He served a full time mission for the LDS church in Neuquen, Argentina, from Feb 2010 to Feb 2012 (yes, that makes him fluent in Spanish!)

We know you're wondering if he has a nickname and the answer is no. Feel free to offer suggestions (but don't be offended if he hates them!)



Frank was born in 1818 somewhere in Europe when people were deathly afraid of men of his caliber.  Once pitchfork-and-torch-carrying mobs of scared people were pretty much outlawed (because let's face it, with a giant head and body made out of different parts of deceased men, Frank isn't the most attractive guy on the planet), Frank traveled the world, seeing and experiencing many amazing things before finding his current home at Namify Creative. What Frank lacks in good looks, he makes up for in good times, always supplying the comic relief and being readily available when a scapegoat is needed.

This is us. We like to make things look good. Contact Us



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